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Maternal and child "61 Tongcheng" on the line to declare war on warcraft defective to reshape the new face of the mother and chi

2018/01/28 18:00


On May 20, 2016, Kirin Mountain View Hotel Shenzhen and Shenzhen Maternal and Child Baby Products Industry Management Co., Ltd. jointly cooperated with manufacturers and witnessed by leaders of relevant government departments and the media and consumer representatives to release China The first "O2O" integrated platform for the maternal and child products industry - "61 Tongcheng". As the first maternal and child management company in China, the "61 Tongcheng" under the banner of "Mother Tongying" will inject a fresh force into the mother-baby industry with "genuine, affordable and convenient". Leaders from government agencies and industry associations such as Shenzhen Industry and Commerce Bureau, Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, 315 Consumer Association of China, Guangdong Pregnancy and Baby Products Association, Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Association and Shenzhen Charity Association attended the event .

With the overall easing of the two-child policy in the country, it is estimated that the fourth baby boom will be ushered in in the next five years and the baby boom will lay the foundation for the rapid growth of the mother-baby market in the next 5-10 years. While major e-commerce platforms have made significant efforts to enter the mother-baby market, 61 Tongcheng, which focuses on "genuine, affordable and convenient", also formally entered the mother-baby market with its unique integrated operation mode. As the key competitive element of mother-baby electricity supplier - product quality assurance is the core. At present, at the press conference, Mr. Tse Chi-keung, CEO of Tongcheng City, throws out a speech entitled "Four Suppression": "Prevent boycotting of fake and counterfeit goods, guarantee 100% sales of real goods, to protect the true consumer rights; to eliminate only re-sale, regardless of sales, to promote escort for consumers rights and interests to protect consumer rights and interests will never be damaged, eliminate unknown channels channeling goods, directly from the brand side procurement, protection Brand value of genuine goods; put an end to the collection and sale of counterfeit brands do not act, we will work together to combat fakes, defective, so that the entire industry norms and healthy development.
The leaders from Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration pointed out in the release: How to seize scarce supply resources and get a steady supply of goods under the current domestic maternal and infant supply environment determines the competitiveness of maternal and child e-commerce enterprises in this industry . The safety and quality assurance of maternal and infant products will become the key guarantee for maternal and child e-commerce to compete for off-line traffic, which also forms the key basis for the key core competitiveness of maternal and child e-commerce providers. The most important thing for consumers is the security issue. Only the safe and secure e-commerce platform can gain the trust of users.
At a press conference, Xie Zhiqiang talked about the original intention of creating this platform to make contributions to the healthy growth and happiness of the motherland's children. The future of "61 Tongcheng" is based on Shenzhen's position as a fast, sustainable and healthy development path for the mother-baby industry. In the successful template in Shenzhen as a guide, the model quickly copied to all parts of the country at the same time. With the government, industry agencies, enterprises and other sectors of the community, to jointly build the mother and child industry as the main chain of the cultural industry park. In the meantime, with the scale effect of industrial parks, we will drive the development of all enterprises and accelerate the branding process of Chinese enterprises. We will also promote the transition from "Made in China" to "Wisdom in China", and achieve the goal of "creating Chinese enterprises and creating world brands" Development ambition.
At the release of the day, Xie Zhiqiang also jointly vowed with the cooperative enterprises and business representatives to take the "fake one out of 100" and "one out of ten lose" and hold the solemn promise of criminal responsibility.
"61 Tongcheng" is a "one-stop shopping" O2O mode shopping platform built by Shenzhen Maternal and Child Products Management Co., Ltd. in two years. The "61 TOWN CITY" stores include maternal and child stores, children's clothing stores, toy stores, stationery shops, bookstores, early education centers, children's education / training institutions, children's arts and cultural centers, children's photography pavilion, children's playground, Museum, financial insurance, hotel tourism, real estate, service areas throughout the entire mother and child industry chain, all in the "61 Tongcheng" on the factory direct sales. In ensuring low-cost, genuine at the same time, "61 Tongcheng" innovative new ways of shopping.
"Online spending," offline experience "
All stores on 61City City have physical stores online, consumers can enjoy the convenience of online shopping and offline service at home.
More "shopping feel"
"61 City" In order to give consumers a better shopping experience, the mall home page presents an unprecedented store, rather than the main push activities or products, the purpose is not to mislead consumers to buy products, but also allow consumers to enjoy shopping feel (feel) . When consumers see their familiar or favorite shops, they can easily find the products or services they want by clicking in. "Delivery to home", "On call"
For online shopping, delivery speed is an important factor affecting the consumer shopping experience, "61 Tongcheng" in addition to a professional logistics team to ensure that goods on time, in time to reach consumers, but also the industry's first launch "Merchant door to send / refund / replacement" service, businesses receive the customer's order, instant delivery, consumers are not satisfied with the product or service, the scene unconditional return policy.
It is reported that "61 Tongcheng" will be officially launched on June 1, for the time being only to provide services to consumers in Shenzhen, consumers can visit through the computer or directly use the phone to download "61 Tongcheng" APP , You can achieve the purchase of goods or services.
We will never sell "fake" "defective", promised to "fake a lose one hundred, a difference of ten lose" to provide consumers with a "genuine, affordable and convenient" shopping environment for the healthy development of China's mother and child industries And work hard.