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61 world of mother and child grand solemn on-line, the definition of a new model of online shopping!

2018/01/28 17:56

June 1, 2016 Children's Day, China's first mother-baby industry integrated O2O platform - 61 Tongcheng formally launched. 61 "TONG CHENG" with its four major characteristics of "authentic, affordable, convenient and comprehensive" has aroused strong consumer concern. On the same day, 61 Tongcheng customer registration reached tens of thousands of people, the transaction amount is more than 1 million yuan, in the maternal and child industries, especially maternal and child e-commerce area has created a new record.

The choice of consumers, Mr. Chow 61 City, is fancy its special online shopping model, Mr. Chow both husband and wife are white-collar workers, usually very busy work, usually for children to buy products is the couple a very headache: Choose ordinary online shopping, delivery time is often longer, poor product experience, hard to find after-sales protection. In physical stores, the time and cost of shopping tend to be higher. The appearance of Toll City not only makes up for the inconvenience of online shopping and physical stores, but also combines the advantages of both to ensure genuine, affordable and convenient, and at the same time, has more extensive and one-stop choices.


61 Tongcheng CEO Xie Zhiqiang on the same day interview also stressed many times: the mother and child industry is to create a happy industry, mother to child platform can not bypass the "responsibility" of the word, quality is our core part of the quality assurance At the same time, we also have to do a convenient shopping, affordable product prices and comprehensive, one-stop shopping environment, so that consumers worry-free shopping in China, happy shopping, rest assured that use.

It is reported that "61 Tongcheng" is China's first maternal and infant industry management company - Shenzhen Maternal and Child Products Management Co., Ltd. took two years to create a "one-stop shopping" O2O mode shopping platform. "61 City" in the store types include maternal and child stores, children's clothing stores, toy stores, stationery shops, bookstores, early childhood education centers, children's education / training institutions, children's arts and cultural centers, children's photography, children's playground, , Financial insurance, hotel tourism, real estate, service areas throughout the entire industrial chain mother and child industries. "61 Tongcheng" all the products on the factory direct sales. And all the online stores online have physical stores, consumers can enjoy the online shopping fashion but also to experience the convenience of offline services at home. In the after-sales service, "61 Tongcheng" in addition to a professional logistics team to ensure that products on time, in time to reach consumers, but also the industry's first launched the "home delivery / refund / replacement" service, businesses After receiving the customer's order, instant delivery, consumers are not satisfied with the product or service, site unconditional return policy.

In June 1 to June 7 period, in order to allow consumers to get a better shopping experience, 61 Tongcheng not only discount on the price, but also through the "red envelopes that get registered", "snapped up", " One-off buy "and so on special activities to increase interaction with consumers. In addition, 61 children's city also set up a five-million yuan children's scholarship fund, consumers can sign up as long as the site can extract the platform, the highest access to 4999.61 yuan scholarship award.