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Maternal and child world club launch ceremony held in the deep

2018/01/28 17:50

On August 28, 2016, Shenzhen Shajing, a joint sponsor of the "All for Love" large-scale paternity performance and mother-baby world club co-sponsored by Shenzhen Maternal and Child Products Management Co., Ltd., together with the national partners. The show's starring all the children and adolescents from the world and co-operation agencies for children, the program covers performances, music, dance, art and so on. Leaders from relevant government departments, cultural celebrities and media representatives from all walks of life attended the event.

With the constant development of economy, the increase of spending power of young parents in the new era, the change of parental concept and the favorable release of China's second child policy, the mother-baby market has become a hot spot nowadays. At the same time, consumers' consumption concepts are constantly changing, and people pay more and more attention to product safety and human services. As the leading mother-baby industry 020 platform in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Products Management Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the "all for love" - ​​care of children's happy growth, care for the concept of mother's health care, have created a "one stop Style shopping platform -61 Tongcheng and the first high-end maternity club for infants, mothers, adults and seniors in China. At the scene of the evening party, Xie Zhiqiang said: "Caring for children's growth and protecting women's health" has always been the business philosophy of both mother and child. Only by honestly and truly returning users and rewarding society can Access to social recognition, trust and support, which is also the driving force for long-term development of mother and child.

As an active advocate of children's happy growth and women's health care, Maternity World Club is a maternal and child club integrating beauty, health care, catering and leisure services. Here, women can have beauty slimming, pelvic floor muscle testing, Repair, healthy and happy, beauty from the inside out; children here can cultivate interest, share happiness, grow in health; the elderly here is no longer lonely.
The evening's show was chaired by Qiao Zi, a well-known children's show host and Shenzhen TV host Choi Wan. The children's wonderful performances brought laughter to thousands of spectators at the scene. In addition to bringing wonderful parent-child performances, Maternal and Child Clubs also bring more benefits to consumers. During the opening of Maternal and Child Clubs, consumers simply have the opportunity to enjoy the free trial of some of their projects.