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Maternal and child clubs - free health check public action

2018/01/28 17:46
In this more prosperous and busier era, people's bodies are continuously overdrawn due to the rush and rush; in this more competitive and cruel era, people's psychology and spirit are facing a crisis of collapse due to the pressure of increasing inflation; in this The higher the age of science and technology, the health of people faces a poor layer of virus and become vulnerable. In such a complicated living environment, if people want to have a healthy body and stay away from all kinds of diseases, they must be scientifically managed, checked regularly, paid attention to maintenance and reasonable diet, and their body functions should be in a healthy system. Health care is a solid foundation for health.
      Health plan lies in people, we must have "anti-disease" concept, attention to prevention, regular medical examination, health care, refused to spend billions of dollars in the hospital, refused to treat late, do not stay until the end of life will appreciate the taste of life enjoyment;
      "Caring for children's growth and protecting women's health" has always been the service tenet of mother and baby. Now we have launched the Health Salon Philanthropy Program. Invited domestic and foreign senior professors and health experts to provide free health lectures, physical examinations and tailor-made programs to the general public on a regular basis Health program. Popularize health knowledge and improve quality of life! Escort for the health of the public, go all out for the health charity!
    Only health, can have everything!
>> activities: free participation, female pelvic floor muscle screening, blood pressure examination, physical examination of children, trace elements detection;
>> Registration method: Concerned about the public number "mother and child world" Click the menu below "I want to register" to enter the event page to register, attention after registration, cancel the attention will not be able to participate in activities yo!
>> Application requirements: women, children
>> Venue: Baoan Shajing Xinsha Road Vanke III No. 120 Maternal and Child Club
>> Statement of activities: The activities adhere to the "care, health" principle, for health and public welfare to contribute to a force! Free testing is limited to one person, event details can call (0755-23221413), or to shop consultation. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to "mother and child world 61 children city" platform all!