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61 Tongcheng parent-child activities of the first phase of a successful conclusion, looking forward to your second phase of part

2018/01/28 17:44
Let parents and children join hands in nature, go hand in hand with big societies, broaden their horizons, closely paternity and affection, close their homeland relations and promote home-based cooperation; better develop children's social skills and social responsibility;
61 Tongcheng network, the first phase of parent-child activities a success: full free participation, shuttle package transfer!
Children can feel the care and love of their parents while playing games with their parents. Parents can also discover the potential and new bright spots of their children so as to form a harmonious parent-child relationship naturally. Its role can not be replaced in any way of.
Subsequently, we came to the barbecue grill activities, 61 Tongcheng network provides a barbecue and ingredients, so the mom and children can battle directly. Each group members of the family can be a clear division of labor, cooperation is happy, the child is a small mother grilled, the child is baked by the child to the mother to eat. Warm and harmonious atmosphere, the event to the climax, the feeling of happiness also filled in every corner of the event, enhance feelings, express love, exchange of .
Please continue to pay attention to 61 Tongcheng network's latest news! December second parent-child activities and you see!