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Warmly celebrate 61 Tongcheng network - the second parent-child tour event a success! Wonderful review!

2018/01/28 17:40
The world of mother and child allows parents and children to join hands in nature and join the larger society, broaden their horizons in children, closely paternity and affection, close their homeland
Let parents and children join hands in nature, go hand in hand with big societies, broaden their horizons, closely paternity and affection, close their homeland relations and promote home-based cooperation; better develop children's social skills and social responsibility;
61 Tongcheng network, the second phase of parent-child activities a complete success: full free participation, shuttle package transfer!
First of all, in the maternal and child world club set, starting to Songgang five fingers rake farmhouse, taste authentic farmhouse dishes, and children to experience pure and simple farm life.
Parents catch chicken, catch fish, wash vegetables, stir fry cooking! Busy enjoyment.
We eat well, drink well, we 61 Tongcheng network's training institutions to bring comic, singing performance! Children participating in the performance can receive a prize, and also prepared a prize quiz part of the answer to the children can receive a prize.
After the performance, the move to the off-site, we formed a circle, there are 61 Tongcheng's training institutions to bring interactive dance, jumping good children each get a prize. There are exciting tug of war activities, won the adults and children reward a reward.
The final return, starting to our 61 Tongcheng network's mother and child world club to visit, participate in the activities of parents can go to register, free club experience related projects, free to experience the project are: health examination, fumigation / moxibustion , Children's playground, etc.
Please continue to pay attention to 61 Tongcheng network's latest news! The third phase of parent-child activities and you see!