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Address: Room 1602-1603, Tianyue Building, No. 110, Zhongxin Road, Shajing, Bao'an District, Shenzhen   

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Self-built warehouse, ready replenishment, real-time delivery, prompt arrival, 
7 * 24 hour service

Join Advantage

Innovative model

New concept stores, transition to service economy, service profits accounted for 65%, customer sources increased by 300% 

Disintermediation, reducing purchase costs and increasing profits; complete products, 
strict quality assurance


We have the original health care plan created by 59 Chinese and Western health experts. It’s safe and effective.

Sharing multi-party data and customer sources, to create a truly open, collaborative and win-win ecosystem 

Share economy


To Support


For the replacement of 
equipment, Parent company will offer the service of unified replacement,recovery, and lifetime


If you join us in half a 
year with no profit, you 
have the right to return 
all equipments, products ,
 and the deposit of 
equipments and 


A professional marketing 
platform will be provided 
by us to increase new 
customer, which will lay a
 strong foundation for 
your operation.


SIX advantages for you to resolve

You can join us without having a shop. No initial fee. No design fee. No equipment costs. No training fees. We devote ourselves to creating a profit model without any burden.

Professional Skills

No Risk

Direct brand supply

accession to treaty

Quality service

Join the affiliates program based on original mother and baby shop to 
transform into new concept shop;

The Partner join with the shop, the 
parent company offer all the 
contributions and the profit 
will be split 30-70 with
 no risk. 

You provide half of the 
contribution and the profit will 
be split 50-50

Product store

Service stores

provide services to children or mothers.

early learning centre, training institutions, photo shops, health 
clinics, Yuezi centre, post-natal rehabilitation centre, schools, 
kindergartens, swimming pools, playgrounds, tourism, real estate, etc.

Product Stores-sells products related to children or mothers.
the mother and baby store, children's wear store, toy store, 
stationery store, bookstore, etc.

site selection, new concept store

Contribution receives from partner 
and the parent company is responsible
 for the whole store output. In another 
word, you canbe profited even with 
no experience.







Parent company will offer free trainings permanently including technical upgrade, marketing training, store management training, operation training, and product



No store

Join The Type

common development with physical stores, brand owners and investors which have consciousness and a sense of mission, to create a new order of the maternal and children’s product market, and seize a large share in the market!Rejuvenate China's mother and infant industry, create an internationally renowned brand, care for children's growth and women's health!




Committed to seeking

Speak with facts and data


China's most complete mother and children service platform  China's first company engaged in maternal and infant industry management  A number of certificates awarded by national institutes and associations  The first advocate of promoting product economy through service economy Concept stores upgraded to the online and offline integration mode


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