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Inheriting diagnosis and treatment skills from the

 theory of five elements about childrenmassage. We

create severalcare systems including traditional

 Chinese children massage, children patch, and children medical bath. The course, given by  experts, is comprehensive and easy to learn. Also

we focus on practice. After learning,

the staff will be more fit for new posts.

Child Massage


Original creations of the process of baby swimming treatment, does message based on child acupoint. We pay attention to practice. So it is easy to learn! 

Child Swimming Therapy


training cycle (3 months)

training period (25-30 days)


training of postpartum therapist / training of postpartum

 care / training of postpartum breast manager.


Postnatal Training


Female Health Training

 Baby Cultivate






training of child massager / training of children's

medical bath / training of infants swimming therapist 



training in facial care / traditional therapist / training in chest

maintenance /training in ovary maintenance / training in slimming  



 Joint Projects




    training period( 25-30 days)


    Training in 

    Traditional Therapist

    training cycle (2 months)


    Training in

    Chest Care

    training period (1-3 months)


    Training in

    Ovary Care

    training period (1-3 months)




    training period (25-30 days)


Through the unique patent recovery products and technologies, our professional face care training team energy the channels, eliminate toxin and beautify skin. With the idea of security, green and health, they puts forward specific solutions with the idea of security, green and health to series of skin problems including dull skin complexion, stretch line and rough skin ,which often appear in postpartum women. The training mainly includes: whitening, freckles removal, facial moisturizing, anti-aging and so on.

Traditional therapist training project is implemented by professional team. Combining with Taoist and traditional Chinese medical skills, we can energy the channels of postpartum women, ease suffering, dispel wind, eliminate dampness, nourish qi, and activate blood. We can specifically improve the conditions of waist, knee and joint. Physical fitness and subhealthy can also be improved. The training mainly includes maintenance of ovary and uterus, warming yang replenishes the qi and so on. We have exquisite skills, so the result is quick! Training content: energying the channels of the whole body, therapy of shoulder, neck, waist and kidney, also includes foot therapy and so on.

The project of training in chest care aims at breast-feeding women who is suffering from changes of maternal breast shape, atrophy, breast relaxation and droop, breast masses, nodules, breast dysplasia, lobular hyperplasia and so on. Combining the breast maintenance techniques of Mother and Child World, traditional Chinese medical acupoint therapy and the product of royal beauty chest kit, the equipments of Mother and Child World regulate the function of the viscera, dredge the meridian, activate the internal potential and vitality of body, and promote the second natural development of the breast. Also it plays a role in preventing breast disease.

The project of training in ovary care combines the Mother and Child World traditional Chinese medical classic recipe and ancient Chinese massage skills, basing on the theory of traditional balance regulation. We extract active essence of the Chinese herbal medicine to maintain uterus, warm yang and dispel coldness, activate blood and so on. Also it makes contribution to improve the condition of women's ovary and uterus, relieve menstrual disorder and dysmenorrheal. Moreover, with the effect of anti-aging, it can beautify the skin to be delicate.

On the basis of the theory and acupoint massage of traditional Chinese medicine, Mother and Child World through the exclusive patent recovery products and technologies can help people decompose fat, remove toxins and excess water, activate blood, remove stasis, slim waist, and improve the condition of breast droop. The training content includes: chest shaping, leg shaping, the tightening of waist and abdomen, arm tightening and so on.


    Training of Postpartum


      the training period (2-3 months)  


    Postpartum Rehabilitation


      training period (1-2 months)  


    Training of Postpartum

    Breast Managers

      the training period (2-3 months)  


   Postpartum repair   

According to the process of postpartum repair created by Mother and Child World, our professional postpartum training team combines traditional Chinese medical steaming / drug bath / fumigation and p equipment, high-end equipment electrical repair, pure natural products with the original Chinese medicine acupoint massage. We can solve postpartum problems comprehensively. Training content: pelvic floor muscle repair, pelvic care, stretch line removal and so on.

 Postpartum Rehabilitation   

According to the theory of Chinese traditional medicine, Mother and Child World combine unique patent drug products with equipment to ease various pathological pain based on their constitution. It is the main service in the postpartum nursing franchisee, which is suitable for the joining with store and the store without enough space. Lei's medicine bath can dredge meridians, activate blood, remove stasis, dissipate wind and coldness, clear heat, detoxify body, subside swelling, ease pain, adjust yin and yang, coordinate viscera, nourish qi, and improve the function of whole body.

   Postpartum Breast Managers   

We introduce Korean painless breast management technology and barrel Valley milking technique developing a professional training team. It is effective and easy to learn. It will succeed in solve the problems postpartum mother may encountered, which includes opening milk, milk siltation, less milk or without milk, acute mastitis, mammary gland hyperplasia, and back milk….