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Address: Room 1602-1603, Tianyue Building, No. 110, Zhongxin Road, Shajing, Bao'an District, Shenzhen   

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Enterprise profile

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Mother and Child’s World Co., Ltd. is dedicated to innovation, development and reform of the maternal and infant industry, providing products and services for children aged 0-14 and mothers.

Our Businesses

Mother and Child’s World Cultural and Ecological Park, 61 Tongcheng (61 Children’s City) online store, Mother and Child’s World concept stores, Mother and Child’s World physical stores (children photography store, training school, early childhood education center, children's clothes and shoes store, mother and baby product store, children's swimming pool, toy store, stationery stores, children's amusement park, etc.), Mother and Child’s World Female Health Center, Mother and Child’s World Confinement Care Center, Mother and Child’s World Postpartum Recovery Center, tourism, real estate, culture and entertainment, finance, science and technology.


Founded in 2014, “61 Tongcheng” is an online platform providing the most complete range of products and services for mothers and children in China. It brings together 1,000 physical stores and 500 franchised brands, with more than 50 million customer members. The concept stores of Mother and Child’s World creatively integrate product economy + service economy + multiple innovative growth projects, with the upgraded service-oriented O2O online and offline collaboration mode. It consists of three formats: clubs, flagship stores and experience stores.


At present, more than 500 physical stores have been developed by Mother and Child’s World, covering all kinds of supplies, education, photography, insurance, sports, health, finance, tourism, real estates, culture and entertainment, experience and service.





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Creative man

Xie Zhiqiang, chairman of Shenzhen Huatong Century Investment and Development Co., Ltd., investor of Shenzhen Xingbang Property Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Weishiji Hotel Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Emperor Hotel Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Mother and Child’s World Mother and Child’s Product Industry Management Co., Ltd., founder of 61 Tongcheng - 020 maternal and children’s supplies online platform - the first of its kind in the industry established in 2014, and founder of Mother and Child’s World Club, the high-end maternal and child club in Shenzhen established in 2016, providing comprehensive services for children and women.

Personal philosophy

Mothers and babies are strongly associated with family happiness and the people's livelihood, which requires a strong sense of social responsibility. The choice of devoting myself into the maternal and child industry means that I’ve chosen conscience and social responsibility. We will do our best, and stick to trustworthiness, to contribute efforts to the healthy life, happy growth, and educational development of mothers and children in our country. It is my lifelong mission to revitalize the cause of children in China. With sincere care and joy from the heart, we will provide scientific, comprehensive, targeted, healthy high-quality services for mothers in prenatal, postpartum, and nursing stages. Mother and Child’s World is willing to work with people with lofty ideals to serve mothers and children, for the bright future of our motherland!


development history


Corporate culture

  • 1Corporate Vision

    Revitalize the mother and child’s products industry in China and build an internationally renowned brand

  • 2Our Mission

    Care for children's growth and women's health!

    Build innovative models to promote the development of the maternal and infant industry!

  • 3Corporate Objective

    To become the world's largest ecology-oriented enterprise in the maternal and infant industry

  • 4Core Value

    Professional, symbiotic, trustworthy and sustainable

  • 5Corporate spirit

    Honesty, innovation, tolerance, win-win situation

  • 6Business philosophy

    New economy, new model, new thinking, new service

  • 7Management philosophy

    Open, democratic, scientific, rational, people-oriented, culture-based governance

  • 8Service tenet

    Elaborate mode, conscience products, worry-free purchase, easy use, care-free after-sales service, happy experience, comfortable life

  • 9Quality concept

    Quality is the life of the enterprise. We seek the dual engine of product quality and service quality, and pursue zero defect and zero complaint

  • 10Market concept

    Everything is centered on the needs of customers and those of mothers and children, and everything is oriented to customer satisfaction and the healthy growth of mothers and children

  • 11Development strategy

    Branded operations, "factory direct supply" as the source of products to "physical stores" as a service carrier to "mobile Internet" as a marketing channel to "diversified product development and sales" for the market growth point. Taking Shenzhen as the starting point, rural areas encircled the cities and opened up a fast, sustainable and healthy path of development. They walked in the forefront of the industry, guided by the successful template in Shenzhen and quickly copied the areas to the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan. The whole country affects the world.

  • 12Talent concept

    People-oriented, talent and employees are the most valuable asset of the enterprise, user-friendly management, so that staff satisfaction. Efficiency first, efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise sustainable protection, market assessment, help staff development.

  • 13Corporate slogan

    Maternal and child world, maternal and child services in the world.